Emergence Teaser

Emergence, a Digital Media Studies Capstone multimedia installation, projected onto Rettner Hall’s surfaces and ceiling at the University of Rochester. Drawing inspiration from Finnish lore, I directed a team in  abstracting a creation myth that contemplatively looped, activating the space with original music, animation, projection mapping, and motion detecting interactivity. This teaser served to bring attention to our installation through social media.

Molly Nemer creative director and team lead, animator

Lotte Skutch videographer, business manager
Amy Scarpelli co- animator
Anna Lenhert composer and sound designer, equipment manager
Tess Stone
motion detection

TedxUniversityofRochester Promo

As director of design and branding for the University of Rochester's inaugural Tedx event, I worked with the

pre-determined theme to generate hype and event awareness.

A cat whose tail morphs into a question mark became our main visual identifier along with a red ball of yarn.